With this kit, you will learn the principles of latch hooking and locker hooking while creating a beautiful tapestry. Even though this kit was conceived as a wall hanging, you can give it your own twist and create a cushion, carpet or even a purse out of this project. 


Inside the Living Fibers canvas bag, you'll find all the materials including 2 needles, canvas mesh, a pattern, and assorted yarns including, hand-spun wool, organic cotton yarn, cotton fabric, and gold rope.


You don't need any weaving or knitting skills, the kit comes with a set of instructions, a pattern and all the yarn and needles required!

Neutrals - Latch hook and locker hook tapestry

  • 1 canvas bag

    1 latch hook needle

    1 locker hook needle

    1 canvas mesh 

    1 pattern

    Handspun wool in natural

    Organic cotton yarn in light green

    Cotton thread in natural

    Gold cotton string 

    Cotton fabric strips

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Living Fibers by Mariana Baertl -  Proudly created with love