This unique embroidered piece is both texturally and visually engaging, using a mixture of materials that include linen thread, organic hand-dyed cotton yarn, and silk organza fabric. “Locked” was inspired by marine life and the organic shapes created by the movement of the ocean.


With a vivid yet neutral color palette, this piece brings color to a soft and bright room and yet can be incorporated in a vivid and colorful environment.


NOTE: The piece has a small section of about 0.3cm that has the paint chipped.


Hanging on a wooden frame, this piece measures 46cm by 61cm. Ships from Washington DC, USA.


$360.00 Regular Price
$306.00Sale Price
  • Measurements: 46cm by 61cm / 18" by 24"

    Materials: Cotton canvas painted with acrylic. Hand embroidered using linen fabric, silk organza fabric, and organic cotton yarn.

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