This unique embroidered piece is both texturally and visually engaging, using a mixture of materials that include linen thread, organic hand-dyed cotton yarn, and silk organza fabric. “Locked” was inspired by marine life and the organic shapes created by the movement of the ocean.


With a vivid yet neutral color palette, this piece brings color to a soft and bright room and yet can be incorporated in a vivid and colorful environment.


Hanging on a wooden frame, this piece measures 46cm by 61cm. This piece can be shipped stretched over the wooden frame, or with the canvas of the framed and rolled for easier shipping. Ships from New York City, USA.


  • Measurements: 46cm by 61cm / 18" by 24"

    Materials: Cotton canvas painted with acrylic. Hand embroidered using linen fabric, silk organza fabric, and organic cotton yarn.

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